World History Bundle Grades 9-12

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World History Bundle Grades 9-12

World History Bundle Grades 9-12

Social studies is more than dots on a map or dates on a timeline.

Savvas’s World History program uses a research-tested, four-part learning model to enhance teaching and understanding.

The World History program invites students to truly experience the scope and impact of history through engaging stories from some of the most compelling and eventful times in the history of our world. The program bridges time-tested best practices, curriculum standard expectations, and technology to help prepare students to be college and career ready all while bringing world history to life.

Bundle Includes:

  • Student Edition, Teacher Resource CD, and 1-year student and teacher access to

This bundle includes a hardcover student text, two Teacher Resource DVDs, and a postcard with instructions for registering for online access to teaching resources, an e-text, videos and much more.

The student text, 1110 pages covers 21 chronological "topics" or units, starting with the origins of civilization and ending with the world today (1980-present). Each topic is divided into shorter chapters, which end with several assessment questions. With plenty of visuals, including illustrations, maps, charts, arwork from that period and more. "Topics" each include objectives, terms to define, end-of-unit assessment questions and a reminder to go online to for digital resources.

All of the teaching resources are found online at You will receive a postcard with your bundle that includes instructions on setting up an account. (Note: make sure you select the course title itself - World History 2016 - instead of searching for an actual school code.)

Once logged in, click on the course title and you will see the table of contents for the course. When you click on a Topic, you will see several lessons for that unit, along with some additional assignments such as projects, videos or document-based activities. Printable tests and reviews can also be accessed here. Students can also access, download and print "Interactive Reading Notepads" which are Word documents that correlate with the reading assignments and offer space for notes and questions to check comprehension and understanding.

Teaching resources for each lesson are found on the right side of the screen and typically include: answer keys (for the Interactive Reading Notepads, quizzes, and text questions); lesson summaries (provided in text, audio, Spanish and Spanish audio); teaching suggestions for English Language Learners, and a Lesson Organizer document which is a kind of a lesson plan with a listing of all of the readings, assignments, and objectives for the lesson. Teachers also have the ability to customize tests for each lesson, adding questions from a testbank or writing their own.

You also have the option to create a class and track student assignment progress. 

The third part of the bundle is the Teacher Resource DVD set. No printables, assessments or lesson plans are included on these DVDs.

This course includes a good amount of video and audio content, which may appeal to students who may struggle with a completely textbook-based course.