AGS World History Grades 5-8 Teacher Edition

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AGS World History Grades 5-8 Teacher Edition

(This comprehensive, standards based World History program from AGS Globe may be used as a high school course for students at lower reading levels.)

The Teacher's Edition includes reduced-size reproductions of the student text, as well as the student workbook. Answers to the review questions in the text are provided in the margins; however, line-listed answers for the activity book are grouped together in the back. "Chapter-at-a-glance" bars provide the page numbers, topic overview, and resources (activities, tests, outlines, etc.) required. An introduction to the concept is included along with questions to ask (and their answers). Activities, lessons with scripted question, ELL/ESL strategies, notes on the sidebar elements, tips for differentiating instruction based on learning styles, and vocabulary/pronunciation helps will help homeschoolers construct a well-rounded lesson. 896 pages, hardcover.

Pearson Learning's AGS Social Studies curriculum for 5th-8th grade students will bring them through the entire course of World History up into the 21st century. World History kicks off the series for 5th graders, World Geography & Cultures for 6th graders, United States History for 7th graders and United States Government for 8th graders completes the series. Appropriate for middle school use the books in these series may be completed in any order you wish.

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Vendor: Pearson Learning
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN-13: 9780785464068
Series: AGS