My World Social Studies


myWorld Social Studies is a comprehensive K-6 social studies curriculum designed to lay the ground work for civic competence, so that students develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be active , engaged and responsible citizens.  myWorld Social Studies helps student become actively engaged in social studies content through experiences that personalize instruction and make learning meaningful as well a fun. 

The heart and soul of myWorld Social Studies is the myStory System. We began wtih the world's oldest educational technique - storytelling - and applied the latest educational research to create a ground-breaking approach to social studies instruction. We connect to student's emotion through stories, preparing them to learn, focusing on social studies content while reinforcing literacy instruction. Meaningful discussion questions and videos related to the questions will keep your student interested an engaged.

myWorld Social Studies continues into Middle School with myWorld Geography and myWord History for Grades 7-8. 

myWorld Geography and myWorld History use the Understanding by Design (UbD) model of instruction to help your child connect, experience, and understand the world. The carefully constructed Essential Questions guide learning while helping children explore concepts, build knowledge, and transfer ideas throughout their lesson and into the real world. Each chapter begins with an Essential Question that frames the lesson and drives students to unlock the answer through the stories, activities, games, the student journal and projects.

Through the myWorld Geography and myWorld History programs, your student will develop a deeper understanding of the content by making personal connections to the people and places in the myStory feature. These stories from students around the world bring cultural diversity to life, and enhance your child's perspective on how geography and history influences culture and industry.