Scott Foresman Social Studies

Scott Foresman Social Studies helps your students become successful learners as they journey into Social Studies. This standards based curriculum engages students by offering multiple learning methods that challenge students to think critically about key concepts. Beyond memorizing places, dates and facts, students are led to develop true understanding of the topics they are learning about. They will be encouraged to take what they currently know about the subject and think further to apply it to new experiences, situations and ideas they will encounter in their own lives. The goal is not only that students will remember what they learn, but also build the foundation to continue applying the subject so they will know how to learn more.

Scott Foresman Social Studies engages children with a Connect-Experience-Understand Model. Connecting is about activating prior knowledge, and jumpstarting your student's journey into social studies. Essential Questions will help your child see the "big ideas" they're learning about. They allow students to engage in an active discussion of what they already know about the topic and encourage them to think further.

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