Hero Academy


Hero Academy® was designed to transform every student into a reading superhero! The program's leveled reader series for students in Grades PreK–4 can challenge students to grow as readers, motivate reluctant learners, and foster social and emotional skill development.

What makes Hero Academy so powerful?

The right leveled readers can ignite a love of learning while building solid character traits. In this brand new Rigby® leveled reader series, seven lovable student-superheroes battle it out with eight unforgettable villains to protect their school and city. As the heroes face and overcome challenges, they model desirable traits that reinforce social-emotional growth, while manageable instruction in each lesson emphasizes development of these traits.

Beginning with wordless books in Pre-K and progressing through chapter books in Grade 4, your students will build key literacy and character skills while immersing themselves in the playful adventures of heroes who reach their goals by making good choices.