The Algebra Game: Linear Graphs

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The Algebra Game: Linear Graphs

The Algebra Game: Linear Graphs

Collaborative Lessons to Strengthen Understanding

The Algebra Game: Linear Graphs features an improved design and updated teaching instructions aligned to the current math standards.

Set includes a comprehensive teacher's guide featuring activities and games using the cards, discussion questions, and reproducible activities. Up to 12 students can work collaboratively to form a multitude of algebraic equations in each area of study.

In Linear Graphs, students make sense of linear equations by matching slope and y-intercept cards as they see how the distinct parts: graph, coordinate pair, slope, and y-intercept, fit together with equations. Use all decks together to provide a greater variety of parallel and perpendicular line pairs for extra practice or added challenge.

Includes four decks (288 cards) and 72-page guide.


Didax- 211753

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