Algebra Lab Gear Teaching Guild- Basic Algebra

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DER 211750
Algebra Lab Gear Teaching Guild- Basic Algebra

Algebra Lab Gear Teaching Guild- Basic Algebra

Teach Algebra with 3D blocks.

The Lab Gear is a comprehensive manipulative environment designed for the teaching and learning of algebra. Lab Gear extends the model of base ten blocks, making abstract topics more accessible. The Lab Gear supports students in developing their abstract thinking skills so they can be successful in algebra. It particularly helps visual, spatial, and kinesthetic learners because students can move the pieces around and see a problem in different ways.

Framing algebra problems using the lab gear makes it possible to create a variety of mathematically worthwhile tasks.
Make Algebra Lab Gear even more powerful with this comprehensive resource. The book features teacher-directed lessons, reproducible activities, and answers. Topics include integer arithmetic, equivalent expressions, perimeter and surface area, the distributive law, and equivalent equations.

156 pages.

Didex 211750