Algebra Tiles Teaching Kit

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DER 2-95015
Algebra Tiles Teaching Kit

Algebra Tiles Teaching Kit

Excellent algebra manipulative for your hands-on learners!

Newly revised and updated for the current Math Standards, this kit is a complete resource for helping students to visualize the algebraic process. Students model math problems with algebra tiles to build and solve equations while gaining comfort and skill with algebraic expressions. Teacher's notes and reproducible activities cover integer operations, linear and quadratic expressions, perimeter, arrays, binomials and more. Each topic progresses through: objective, prerequisites, getting started and closing the activity.
The tiles provide an excellent manipulative for your hands-on learners as it allows students to be actively involved in directed lessons. All tiles are reversible with red on one side to represent negative numbers. The other side include yellow, green, or blue for the positive remaining values.

Kit includes
  • 30 sets of Foam Algebra Tiless (1,030 Tiles)
  • 1 Working with Algebra Tiles, 2nd edition

Didax 2-9501