ScienceSaurus: A Student Handbook Grades 6-8 Hardcover 2014 - 5 pack

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ScienceSaurus: A Student Handbook Grades 6-8

ScienceSaurus: Student Handbook , Green Grades 6-8, Hardcover Copyright 2014 - 5 pack

ScienceSaurus is a student-friendly, comprehensive reference book and science companion. It's an ideal supplement to any science program. Provides academic science content, clear explanations and examples to support student understanding an age appropriate vocabulary. ScienceSaurus Student Handbooks are a multipurpose and adaptable resource for a variety of classroom uses including supporting core basal or science kit programs, as well as extending literacy time. With dynamic visuals and clear explanations, ScienceSaurus offers a great way to engage students while helping to build their literacy and vocabulary. They are an excellent tool to help build a successful science classroom. 

ScienceSaurus Handbooks in your classroom:

  • Engaging and flexible content for all levels of budding scientists.
  • New, updated content covering all the essential science concepts, including engineering.
  • Safe, accurate, and age-appropriate NSTA-approved SciLINKS® access codes.
  • Great preparation for state assessments.
  • Available in soft and hardcover versions.

ScienceSaurus may be used alone, but pairs with Science Daybooks, which are sold separately. Every lesson in Science Daybooks reference the page numbers for the appropriate corresponding topic in the ScienceSaurus handbook. Also sold as a bundle containing the ScienceSaurus handbook and corresponding Science Daybook so books can be purchased separately or in bundles for a complete curriculum. The 05/06/09 copyright versions are in the bundles, but we also offer the 2014 versions, which have identical pagination but some updated photos and content. Both copyrights will work with the Science Daybooks.

Grades 6-8 Topic Highlights

Scientific Investigation

Working in the Lab

Life Science

  • Structure of Life
  • Human Biology
  • Physiology and Behavior
  • Genes and Heredity
  • Change and Diversity of Life
  • Ecosystems
  • Classification

Earth Science

  • Showing Earth on Maps
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Meteorology
  • Astronomy

Physical Science

  • Matter
  • Forces and Motion
  • Energy

Natural Resources and the Environment

Science, Technology and Society


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