Unifix 1-120 Number Line

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DER 211504
Unifix 1-120 Number Line

Unifix 1-120 Number Line

Excellent visual aid for counting, measurement & addition!

Designed for use with Unifix Cubes, this number line is made in sections that can be connected as needed depending on the desired usage. Teh number line enables children to count, compare, add, subtract, and visualize place value concepts. Each section of the line measures 2 1/4" x 7 1/4"; when fully assembled the number line is over 7' long.

Over 7' long, this track consists of twelve interlocking sections, each numbered in increments of 10.

The Unifix 1-120 Number Line is an excellent visual aid for counting, measurement, and addition.

Includes teaching notes and CCSS alignment.

Unifix Cubes sold separately.

Didax 211504

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