The Paragraph Book 1 Student Book

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The Paragraph Book 1 Student Book

The Paragraph Book 1 Student Book, Grades 5-8

The Paragraph Book series is a highly specialized writing intervention series that targets middle school students with learning differences who have not been successful in conventional language arts programs. The series' step-by-step approach builds writing competency from the ground up-students learn to edit, format, and build paragraphs while mastering 4 basic writing strands required in regular English classes. By the end of the book, students are writing complete essays. Lively writing, illustrations, and a systematic approach make this series easy to teach and to use.

The Paragraph Book: Book 1 covers writing a how-to paragraph (each book in the series covers how to write a different type of paragraph).

The use of editing marks helps students with weak motor skills who have trouble with handwriting, since they're able to write and rework passages without having to recopy the entire passage. In addition, the structured nature of the series helps students students have a framework on which to build. Special attention is given to looking for missing capitals, dropped endings, missing and double words, and other common errors.

Book 1 covers:

  • How-to Paragraphs
  • the FNTF Formula
  • Editing Marks
  • Revising
  • Paragraph format
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Checking content
  • Author's purpose
  • Balance
  • Audience
  • The How-to Essay

Grades 6-8 remedial.

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