Spelling Workout Level F Student Wkbk Grade 6

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Spelling Workout Level F Student Wkbk 9780765224859

Spelling Workout Level F has all the components needed to lead students from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns. Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout is a phonics based program that uses reading passages and writing activities to give students valuable practice with their spelling words. Students first learn about the most basic of sound-letter relationships, and work up gradually to real complex spelling patterns. The series uses a simple and consistent layout, with word lists grouped around a single spelling rule. Exercises range from simply copying the words, to reading a passage and writing answers to questions. There are also fill in the blank exercises. The teacher’s edition does a great job suggesting flexible plans, detailing strategies, and giving dictation sentences. Fun riddles and puzzles make the lessons enjoyable and motivate student success. Students enjoy the exercises and teachers appreciate the clear and consistent format. The 36 lessons each focus on a spelling rule or pattern. Spelling Workout follows the same scope and sequence as the popular MCP Plaid Phonics.

At the start of every lesson, there is a short, interesting reading passage that uses some of the list words in context. There is a different spelling rule each time, with all the list words reflecting that phonics principle. Another facet that many teachers like is that the list words are given both in regular typeface and in perfect cursive, allowing students copy work to count for their handwriting practice.

Spelling Workout is designed to correlate well with Modern Curriculum Press Plaid Phonics.

MCP Spelling Workout - Grade 6

You want your student's Spelling program to keep him or her engaged in the content. Fortunately, that goal may be easier to achieve than you think. Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) Spelling Workout Level F for Grade 6 will guide you through lesson planning, helping you create a fun learning environment.

MCP Spelling Workout was designed to be a step-by-step curriculum.The program's format allows you to make adjustments and work at a pace that's comfortable for you and your students. As a teacher, you want to have control over lesson planning and pacing, and MCP Spelling Workout: Grade 6 gives you that ability. 

Furthermore, MCP Spelling Workout is an exciting program that will help your students enjoy his or her Spelling lessons. With numerous puzzles, riddles and writing assignments, students will have plenty of hands-on activities to complete. They will also learn about the written English language by reading cross-curricular passages. MCP Spelling Workout ensures that your child picks up the skills to spell proficiently.

Each Grade of MCP Spelling Workout is a natural progression through the curriculum. Grade 6 simultaneously solidifies your student's foundational knowledge while teaching him or her more challenging concepts. From recognizing symbols and their meanings to spelling longer and more complex words, the MCP Spelling Workout program takes students through the steps of learning language.

You can use MCP Spelling Workout Level F Grade 6 curriculum in conjunction with the correlating MCP Plaid Phonics program. Together, the two give your students a complete and dynamic education in the English language. Of course, your child will learn tons from just MCP Spelling Workou alone as it contains all the components you need to design an effective learning environment.

The materials included in MCP Spelling Workout Level F for Grade 6 will help your child reach his or her academic goals.

Product Name: Spelling Workout Level F Student Edition - 6th Grade 

Publisher: Pearson Education - Modern Curriculum Press 

ISBN-10: 0765224852

ISBN-13: 9780765224859

The Teacher's Edition (sold separately):

  • Provides detailed lesson plans for either a 3-day or 5-day plan.
  • Offers strategy activities for reinforcing and analyzing spelling patterns.
  • Includes Dictation Sentences for a Pretest and Final Replay Test.
  • Suggests tips for meeting the needs of English language learners.
  • Features Take-It Home masters to help foster home involvement.
  • Follows the same scope and sequence of MCP "Plaid" Phonics.