Spelling Workout Level D Bundle Grade 4

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Spelling Workout Level D Bundle Grade 4

This Spelling Workout bundle contains teacher and student materials and the kit includes: 

  • Spelling Workout D Student Book, 191 pages, softcover.
  • Spelling Workout Teacher's Edition, 165 pages, softcover.
  • Parent's Guide Pamphlet, 5 pages.

Interesting and varied exercises provide a fun path to successful spelling! Based on a phonetic model, cross-curricular reading passages, high-interest writing activities, flexible lessons, and motivating activities, help Spelling Workoutstudents move from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns.

The 36 lessons in the Student Workbook each focus on a spelling rule, pattern, or origin. Level D, Grade 4 covers consonants; plural possessives; compound words; prefixes; synonyms and antonyms; contractions; homonyms; and more.

The course is organized around a test-study method. Students take a pretest, self-correct and rewrite words, study through the practice exercises, and take a final test. Student lessons include fun riddles and puzzles, and conclude with a wrap-up and review; cumulative reviews of multiple chapters are also provided.

The Teacher's Edition provides a 3-day and 5-day schedule; activities for reinforcing spelling patterns; example dictation sentences for the lessons' pretest and final test; bonus words; review lessons; tips for ESL learners; a writer's corner; and take-it home masters. Reduced black-and-white copies of the student pages have the correct answers overlaid; teaching notes are provided in the margins. The scope & sequence follows MCP's "Plaid Phonics" so curriculum can be correlated. Objectives state the goal of each lesson.

Level D corresponds to Grade 4. 2002 Revised Edition.

ISBN-13: 9781428432703