Slopeometer w/ Magnetic Coordinate Grid Set

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Slopeometer w/ Magnetic Coordinate Grid Set

The Slopeometer is a simple device to help students quickly and effectively learn and apply the mathematical concept of slope.

Set includes a Slopeometer (14” x 7 3/8”) as well as the Demonstration Magnetic Dry-Erase Coordinate Grid (22" x 22" with 1" squares)

Made of sturdy, transparent plastic the Slopeometer securely attaches to any magnetic surface. Place the Slopeometer on the line being measured and the arrow moves to show the precise measurement of slope from 0 to infinity, positive and negative. From simple slope-intercept equations to the complex sketching of derivative functions in a calculus class, educators will find the Slopeometer an invaluable demonstration tool. Includes comprehensive activity guide.

Along with this oversized write-on/wipe-off magnet grid demonstrating graphing concepts is a breeze! Sticks firmly to any magnetic surface. 


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