Saxon Phonics and Spelling - Gr K - 24 Student Kit

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Saxon Phonics and Spelling © 2022 Grade K - 24 Student Kit

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Building the strong reading foundation every student deserves can be a struggle. Saxon Phonics and Spelling was created to support you in rising to the challenge. Born out of a mother’s personal mission to help her dyslexic son learn to read, Saxon Phonics and Spelling was developed to provide targeted foundational skill instruction using interactive, multisensory approaches to keep students engaged, excited, and advancing.

Saxon’s approach to teaching phonics and spelling concepts is based on foundational research in science of reading and cognitive science, and the program has been found to be consistently effective for children of varying ability levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Saxon Phonics and Spelling combines systematic, explicit instruction with daily practice opportunities and ongoing assessment to ensure prior knowledge sticks and new knowledge accumulates.

Providing multisensory practice & dyslexia support Saxon Phonics and Spelling provides instruction for all learning modalities that aligns with the Orton-Gillingham approach for differentiated instruction, including Special Education and Dyslexia. Addressing these needs through games and various support tools throughout the lessons, success is promoted for all students! 

SAXON PHONICS AND SPELLING GRADE K KIT includes all the necessary items for 1 teacher and 24 students, with organizational storage crates and folders for an entire school year.

Teacher’s Manuals—3 volumes

Classroom Materials (non-consumable)
• 2 sets of Level A and Level C Fluency Readers, 4 sets of Level B
Fluency Readers (120 books)
• Review Decks with storage container—letter, picture, spelling,
sight word cards
• Kid Cards with storage container
• Wall Cards—alphabet, vowel rules, spelling rules, syllable division
• Posters—colors, numbers, Leo and Wriley classroom

Student Materials—24 students (consumable)
• Student worksheets
• Letter tiles
• Alphabet handwriting strips
• 16 black-and-white Decodable Readers
• Homework Folders
Crates and dolly with casters
File folders for student materials

Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 Year 24 Student Kit Grade K

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9780358391784 / 1788484 Saxon Phonics & Spelling 24 Student Letter Tiles Grade K Box 4 1
9780358391791 / 1788485 Saxon Phonics & Spelling 24 Student Worksheets Grade K Box 1 1
9780358391807 / 1788486 Saxon Phonics & Spelling 24 Student Worksheets Grade K Box 2 1
9780358447054 / 1795440 Saxon Phonics & Spelling Classroom Materials Box 5 Grade K 1
9780358447139 / 1795443 Saxon Phonics & Spelling Decodable Readers (1-16) Grade K Box 3 1
9780358447276 / 1795456 22 SXN P&S 24 TCHR MATL GK BX6 1