Recipe For Reading Workbook 6

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Recipe For Reading Workbook 6

Recipe For Reading, Workbook 6

Designed to be used alongside the Recipe for Reading Manual, Revised (sold-separately), Recipe for Reading Workbook 6 corresponds to Lessons 67-77 in the manual. Skills covered include: sounds of c and g, as well as the endings ge/dge, y as a vowel, dividing between two vowels, aw (straw); au(August); a (ball); oi (oil); oy (boy), and tch (catch).

There are 5 to 8 practice pages for each skill, and activities include matching words with pictures, completing sentences, identifying written sounds, and copying exercises with clear directions and simple illustrations 

Workbook 6; Grades 2-3. 61 non-reproducible pages, softcover.

Recipe for Reading from EPS is a research-based, multisensory, phonics-based reading curriculum that features intervention strategies for struggling readers in grades K-6 or beginning readers in grades K-3. Students who progress through the program will learn consonant sounds, digraphs, consonant blends, diphthongs, short/long vowels, inflectional endings, suffixes, and spelling rules. Incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques, this program is ideal for differentiated instruction.


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Title: Recipe For Reading Workbook 6
By: Frances Bloom, Nina Traub
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 72
Vendor: Educators Publishing Service
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ISBN: 0838804969
ISBN-13: 9780838804964