Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency

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Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency

Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency (Jossey-Bass Teacher) (5TH ed.)  

Now in its fifth edition, Reading Pathways (with help from Dewey the Bookworm) offers an easy-to-use, highly effective approach to teaching reading accuracy and fluency to students of all ages, using a unique pyramid format.

 Reading pyramids begins with one word, and slowly build into phrases and sentences of gradually increasing complexity. As the student moves from the pinnacle to the base of each pyramid, the phrase or sentence becomes a more interesting and expansive, and the student's confidence grows with each line completed. Progressively building up the amount of text per line increases eye span, strengthens eye tracking, and develops reading fluency. The book also features more challenging multi-syllable word pyramid exercises and games to further develop fluency and vocabulary. Learning to read long words by syllables removes the fear and mystique of multi-syllable words and helps students build the strong vocabulary so critical for success in reading and writing.

Time for your "eyerobic" exercises! This phonics supplement from the author of Phonics Pathways is designed to strengthen eye tracking skills, a necessary component of fluent reading. Exercises are one of two types. The first type helps students sound out words one letter at a time, as successive letters are added. The name of the book comes from the second type of exercise, which is contained in a pyramid shape. At the top of the pyramid is one word. The next line contains the word in the first line, then adds another word. This pattern continues down the pyramid, with each line adding one or more words. The idea is to show that letters build into syllables, syllables build into words, words build into phrases, and phrases build into sentences. Students need to know their letters, consonant sounds, and short-vowel sounds to begin using the book. By the end of the book, students are reading multi-syllable, long-vowel words in sentences up to 20 words long.

Praise for "Reading Pathways"

"With clarity, interest, humor, and precision, Dolores has offered a way out of the darkness of illiteracy. I am pleased to endorse [her] books as some of the finest instructional materials for teaching children and adults to read that I have reviewed."
--Robert W. Sweet Jr., professional staff member, Committee on Education and the Work Force, U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C.

"Our organization, Kids Read, offers tutoring to struggling or non-reading second graders in the public schools. Dolores Hiskes's materials are our most powerful tools for helping kids achieve confidence and independence in reading . . . The pyramid practice in Reading Pathways strengthens eye tracking and gives learners immediate practice with the concepts they just learned in a bigger setting. Non-readers find initial success in the presentation of short vowel words and stories. The pyramid stories provide an opportunity for multiple readings of the words and phrases, an exercise which is very empowering for emerging readers."
--Becky Faherty, director, Kids Read, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland

"Reading Pathways led my children so gently through the pyramids that they were reading big words before they knew it! This is a 'no pain' approach to giving children the extra practice that helps to develop a strong reader."
--Sherrill Fink, homeschooling mother, Virginia

"My students love the multisyllable word pyramids and feel proud they can finally read those mysterious long words. It's so beautiful to see their self-esteem grow. This is what makes teaching rewarding. Thank you!"
--Renee Wesly, special education and regular education teacher, Maunawili Elementary School, Kailua, Hawaii

ISBN: 0787992895   EAN: 9780787992897  
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: January 01, 2007
Copyright Date: 2007