Pattern Block Book w/ CD

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DER 2-5294
Pattern Block Book

Pattern Block Book

Take maximum advantage of pattern blocks with your student!

This comprehensive activity book will enable you to take maximum advantage of pattern blocks, one of the most common and versatile hands-on materials available! Armed with this book you'll be ready to have some fun with your students exploring all kinds of math concepts. After an exploration and discovery unit, this 133-page volume covers numbers & operations, geometry, measurement, algebra and probability & statistics. Activities within these units are orderly, beginning with simple concepts and building to more complex.

Each of the 60 activities includes black line master, teaching instructions, connection to math standards and additional explorations.

These activities are organized into sections that address the key math strands as recommended by NCTM: number and operations, geometry, measurement, algebra, and probability. All activities are designed to address the most recent state and national guidelines.

144 pages.
*Pattern Blocks Not Included*

Dixdax 2-5294