My First Bob Books, Set 4: Compound Words

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My First Bob Books, Set 4: Compound Words

My First Bob Books, Set 4 : Compound Words

Developed to guide your child gently through the earliest stages of reading, Bob Books were created to facilitate that ah-ha moment when letters first turn into words. By slowly introducing new letter sounds, using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans, your child will quickly find his or her way down the path of reading. Each level addresses a stage in reading development; this carefully crafted, simple, and progressive approach to learning assures children success and confidence from their very earliest reading experience. Bob Books Set 4 builds on Bob Books Sets 1 - 3 by including longer words, more sight words and longer stories. New words introduced in this series are easy to sound out and humorous illustration cues keep things lighthearted and fun. 12 books, 12 pages each.

Product Information

Title: My First Bob Books: Compound Words
By: Bobby Lynn Maslen
Illustrated By: John R. Maslen
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 12
Vendor: Scholastic Trade
Dimensions: 5.50 X 4.50 (inches)
Weight: 10 ounces
ISBN: 0439845068
ISBN-13: 9780439845069
Ages: 4-8
Series: BOB Books