Making Connections Grade 4 Reader Starter Set

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Making Connections Grade 4 Reader Starter Set

Making Connections Reader Starter Set, Grade 4

This collection features one each of the six readers required for EPS' Grade 4 Making Connections curriculum series. They're designed to be used with the sold-separately Making Connections Teacher's Edition, Grade 4 and Making Connections Student Book, Grade 4. 

Please note that this item is available for purchase by Homeschools only.

These high-interest readers feature both narrative and informational books that cover a variety of genres. The informational readers incorporate the use of nonfiction features such as indexes, glossaries, tables of content, and captions. All readers include a purpose-setting question, graphic organizer, follow-up comprehension questions, and a writing activity. 

EPS' Making Connections curriculum can be used as either a supplemental or stand-alone reading comprehension curriculum. Each unit focuses on a specific skill that's introduced and developed through explicit instruction, practice, and support. 

4th Grade Reader Titles & Focus Points Include: 


  • Gulmamadak the Great (Sequencing) 
  • Mountain Biking Adventure (Main Idea) 
  • The Big Move (Comparing/Contrasting) 
  • Caleb Piper, Private Eye (Drawing Conclusions and Predicting Outcomes) 
  • The Loch Ness Monster: Fact or Fiction? (Fact and Opinion) 
  • Glow Worms (Cause and Effect)



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