It's None Of Your Business Reader Grade 2

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It's None Of Your Business Reader Grade 2
Thinking Like a Citizen Storybook Readers are a component of Pearson Education's 2014 Social Studies Express program, however they can be used alone or in combination with any Social Studies program. The series is designed to support your daily social studies instruction as well as literacy and comprehension strategies to meet Common Core State Standards all while guiding children to think through and make sense of social issues.
Thinking Like a Citizen storybooks follow Ms. Stanton and her students as they face common situations that arise in every classroom - the need to get along, handling hurt feelings and the importance of sharing. The themed reader/storybook will present children with five perspectives - through some very special glasses - that help them think about the situation while inviting your students to think about them as well. 
The series is composed of 6 thought provoking books for grades K-2 that will introduce your students to civics, economics, geography, and history topics through the lens of social issues. The series explores playground disputes, topics such as following rules, respectful language, uncomfortable experiences, as well as issues of race and ethnicity. Children will be encouraged to think though these issues to gain perspectives that they can apply to everyday life.
Children will join five fun and engaging characters: Tillie, Grayson, Zeb, Jack, and Naomi in each book of the series as they explore a variety of social topics together.   


Title: It's None Of Your Business Reader 2014 Grade 2
Publisher: Pearson Education
Isbn10: 0328786942
Isbn13: 9780328786947