Interactive Science Grades 6-8 Earth Science Student Workbook

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Interactive Science Grades 6-8 Earth Science Student Workbook

Interactive Science: Earth Science Grades 6-8 Bundle 

Interactive Science is a next generation K-8 science program featuring an innovative Write-In Student Edition (Grades 1-8) that makes learning personal, relevant, and engaging. Your child will get all of the content, interactivity, and practice they need between the covers of a single book.
  • Detailed lesson plans make instruction easy
  • In-depth, hands-on activities throughout each lesson engage your child 
  • "Got It?" checkpoints ensure your child understands the material
  • Understanding By Design framework leads students to a deeper understanding of science concepts 
Keep your child's interests in science going strong. With a reading and an inquiry pathway, Interactive Science makes learning science personal and engaging.  

Interactive Science: Earth Science for Grades 6,7 or 8 is a more challenging curriculum than the previous Grade K-5 levels, as your child has, by now, a strong foundational knowledge of Science Engineering and Technology, Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. These four Science topics are included in all Interactive Science programs. In fact, Interactive Science is broken down into units that mirrors the four key areas of Science education.

Once you’ve completed Grade 6, your child will be ready to move onto in-depth content geared toward students in the middle grades. The transition from Grade 5 to 6 was seamless, and the move to middle-grade curriculum will be the same. By the time you complete Interactive Science: Grade 6, your child should be able to:

  • Use the Scientific Method to design and conduct an experiment that answers a problem.
  • Use scientific notation to format numbers.
  • Understand the different between quantitative and qualitative observations.
  • Collect data using the appropriate technology, tools and units of measurement.
  • Identify elements and create atomic models using the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  • Locate and identify major functions and parts of the human skeletal and muscular systems.
  • Explain the relationship between plate tectonics and Earth’s geographic features, such as mountains.
  • Restate the water cycle.

The consumable, interactive Student Worktext: is the center of instruction. Overarching, weekly chapters are broken down into individual daily lessons, and include 3-6 lessons with inquiry labs, and an end-of-chapter study guide, review, and assessment section; a "science matters" feature at the very end looks at the application of science to real-world issues. Chapters cover the nature of science, solving problems, objects, matter, motion, the earth, the sky, living things, nonliving things, plants, animals, and more.

Chapters begin with a "big question" that frames the lessons to follow, and an example with prediction question. Lessons include a brief background check with highlighted and defined terms; a longer lesson with integrated questions; lesson questions that link back to the big question; "lab zone" hands-on questions; and "got it?" questions that provide an opportunity to prove that the main point has been learned, or for students to raise where they're still confused. A wide variety of questions pop up throughout, including "do the math," "what do you know?," "apply it!" and other forms of assessment, practice, and review.

Please Note: The student workbook refers to videos and online components that are part of the "digital path," a student science website. Pearson does not include a student access code for this website and its content with this item, nor is it sold for individual use at this time. A teacher's Edition e-Text and student activities book/lab manual are available for purchase to complement this item, but are sold separatley.

Also, please be aware that this textbook teaches from an evolutionary perspective.


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