Great Works Instructional Guides for Literature Grades K-3: Freckle Juice

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Great Works Instructional Guides for Literature Grades K-3: Freckle Juice

Great Works Instructional Guides for Literature Grades K-3: Freckle Juice

Introduce students to this classic story about a boy, Andrew, who will try anything to get just one freckle! Young readers will be intrigued and eager to analyze Andrew's struggle and determination to develop freckles in this humorous story by completing fun, challenging activities and lessons provided in this instructional guide for literature.

Great Works Instructional Guides for Literature feature rigorous, cross-curricular lessons and activities that work in conjunction with the text to teach students how to comprehend complex literature and help them understand the significance of the story. This resource is packed with tools to teach students how to analyze story elements in multiple ways, practice close reading and text-based vocabulary, determine meaning through text-dependent questions, and more. This classroom resource is the perfect way to add rigor to your students' explorations of rich, complex literature.

Reproducible, softcover, 8.5 x 11 softcover, answer key included. 


Great Works Series Review: Easy to use and comprehensive, these combine all the elements of a good literature study - vocabulary, literary analysis, writing connections, assessments - giving you eye-pleasing, reproducible student pages and a well-constructed, thorough study. But, it's the extras that make them special.

First of all, they have culminating activities (Creating with Story Elements) which are ways to focus on book specifics, such as understanding the bad guy from Wrinkle in Time. This particular guide activity starts with a Venn diagram, comparing and contrasting other "bad guys" with the Black Thing and then choosing a project (write a movie scene, create a three-dimensional model, make a movie poster). Another, is the "close reading" of specific sub-sections and the thought-provoking questions that follow. Then, there's the making connections section - using some aspect of the reading segment to "jump" into another subject area. For instance, in Wrinkle, mentally working through geometry dimensions.

The books provide a lot of variety of writing and language activities - and cross-curricular connections. The program features progressive training in writing response to literature compositions: At the earlier levels the student is walked through the response and the writing of it; At the high school level, the student is given choices for different types of writing.

These books are essentially teacher's lesson plans with accompanying reproducible activity sheets. The studies are very cohesive both internally as they work through a literature selection and sequentially as one level prepares the student for the next. They're also aligned to standards - CCSS English/Language Arts standards as well as various state standards and those for English Language Learners. Coverage includes author background, resource lists for text comparisons, book summary, theme, vocabulary, literary analysis (setting, plot, characters, devices, etc) comprehension, response to literature writing, and language learning (mainly younger levels). A comprehensive answer key is provided in the back of each book.

Reproducible, 8.5 x 11 paperback,  72 pages. Answer Key Included.