EnVision Math 2.0 Grade 6 Bundle (2017 Version)

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EnVision Math 2.0 Grade 6 Bundle (2017 Version)

EnVision Math 2.0 Grade 6 Bundle (2017 Version)


The Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley enVision 2.0 Math program is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for Grades K–8. It offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction. enVisionmath2.0 provides the focus, coherence, and rigor needed to meet your standards. Project based learning, visual learning strategies, and extensive customization options empower every teacher and student. EnVisionMathh 2.0 bundles were compiled with the home school student in mind but are the same material and content used in traditional public and private school classrooms. 

enVisionmath2.0 for Grades 6–8 builds on the proven effectiveness of the enVision series, supporting coherent, focused, and rigorous mathematics. enVisionmath2.0 for middle school emphasizes conceptual understanding and procedural skills through problem solving, interactive experiences, and visual learning. Personalized math practice, built-in interventions, and customizable content deepen understanding and improve achievement.

Cross Curricular & College-Ready (Grades 6-8 only)

  • Challenging STEM Projects
  • Real-world problem solving.
  • Build students’ confidence to think on their own.
  • 3-Act Mathematical Modeling lessons feature:
    ⦁ Act 1: The Hook
    A video engages students, followed by a brainstorm of possible questions/answer situations.
    ⦁ Act 2: The Model
    Students develop mathematical models to arrive at a solution
    ⦁ Act 3: The Resolution
    A video helps learners explain differences between their own conjectures and the actual solution.

The enVisionmath 2.0 Grade 6 Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition (9780328908769 & 9780328908776 )
    A two-volume printed, consumable write-in student work text with built-in homework.
  • One-year subscription to Digital Resources on Savvas Realize™, the online learning system for enVisionMath2.0. [Formerly called Pearson Realize™]
    Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer. (9780328972609)
  • Teacher Resource Masters Books Package (9780328881055 & 9780328881086 )
    Reproducible black-line masters for Home-School Connections Letters, Reteach to Build Understanding, Additional Vocabulary Support, Build Mathematical Literacy, Enrichment, and Teaching Tools.
  • Additional Practice (9780328908738)
    Reproducible (for one classroom/family) black-line masters for additional practice problems and assessment practice.
  • Assessment Sourcebook (9780328884995 )
    Reproducible (for one classroom/family) black-line masters for lesson quizzes, topic assessments, cumulative assessments, and more.

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Publisher: Scott Foresman•Addison Wesley, Savvas Learning Company [Formerly Pearson K12 Learning]

ISBN-13: 9780768597042