Calvert Education: Preschool Math, Phonics & Electives Set

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Calvert Education: Preschool Math, Phonics & Electives Set

Calvert Education: Preschool Math, Phonics & Electives Set

Product Description

Calvert Curriculum is a mastery-based learning program. Teacher directed activities, systematic review through reinforcement using workbook exercises, and cumulative tests help young students achieve mastery. Easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules, each set features a student book with colorful, hands-on lessons and a teacher guide containing answer keys, lesson plans, and teaching tips. A separate resource book is also included with full-color practice pages to reinforce foundational concepts. The 180 lessons in Calvert Preschool Phonics prepare your child for reading success with hands-on activities, colorful workpages, and engaging lessons that cover letter recognition, pencil grip, writing names and addresses, following directions, blending, using descriptive words to describe things, identifying phonemes are a few of the skills covered. Calvert Preschool Math has 180 lessons that cover early math skills like numbers 1 – 12, shapes, counting objects, colors, similarities and differences, simple addition and subtraction, and more. Calvert Preschool Electives provides additional hands-on activities and lessons to support early learning. Each subject comes with a student book, a teacher guide, and a resource book. 9 softcovers. Preschool.

This set includes:

  • Calvert Preschool Phonics, 3 volumes
  • Calvert Preschool Math, 3 volumes
  • Calvert Preschool Electives, 3 volumes

Product Information

Title: Calvert Preschool Complete Set
Format: Other
Vendor: Calvert Publications
Publication Date: 2022
Weight: 12 pounds 3 ounces
ISBN-13: 9780740340437