Saxon Math Grade 4 Intermediate Student Textbook

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Saxon Math Intermediate Grade 4 Student Textbook

Saxon Math Intermediate Grade 4 Student Textbook

Saxon Math's integrated and distributed instructional plan helps all students achieve mastery of the standards by building in TIME to learn, TIME to process, and TIME to practice.

Saxon Math Intermediate Grade 4 includes 120 lessons, along with 12 "Investigations" in each. Early Finisher Problems found in the Intermediate edition offer enrichment and real-world application. Intermediate 4 includes word problems, elapsed time, inverse operations, multiplying two and three-digit numbers, mixed number and improper fractions, fractions/decimals/percents, geometry and measurement, division with two and three-digit numbers, estimating perimeter/area/volume, probability, etc. The same methodology is employed in both the Intermediate and traditional Saxon school math courses, but Intermediate goes more into detail with the 4-step problem-solving process: 1) understand the problem, 2) devise a plan, 3) carry out the plan, and 4) look back (evaluate).

Additional materials are available separately Written Practice Workbook, Adaptations Student Workbook, and Student Reference Chart. Adaptations Workbook provides an alternative for students with special needs. This consumable workbook contains adapted versions of the practice problems found in the student text, with plenty of space provided for working the problems in the workbook. The adapted problems offer more visual prompts and clues for doing the problems. Written Practice Workbook includes consumable worksheets of the Written Practice Problems found in the text. Student Reference Chart is intended for easy access to formulas, helpful hints, and other reference tools. 


Saxon Math Intermediate 4 Student Edition
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