Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student & Teacher HS Bundle

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Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student & Teacher HS Bundle

Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student & Teacher Editions (Homeschool Bundle)

The GUM ---"Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics" curriculum---will build your students' mastery of the conventions of standard English.

Short, two-page lessons with five easy steps (Read & Analyze, Practice, Apply, and Reinforce) provide self-guided instruction and practice in less than 15 minutes per day. Seventy-four lessons plus additional exercises, spelling activities, and proofreading exercises are included to provide full coverage of English and plenty of practice opportunities. This is a spiral curriculum that promotes skill retention and development as students revisit the same grammar, usage, and mechanics topics in greater complexity as they advance through the grades.

Unit post-tests give students practice with test formats they'll encounter on a variety of assessments, such as nonfiction reading passages with text-dependent questions and selected response questions. Diagnostic unit pretests and unit reviews provide teachers with additional assessment options.

The units in this grade 7 workbook cover: sentence structure, parts of speech, usage, and grammar. Students will learn about adverbial and adjectival prepositional phrases, complex and compound-complex sentences, participial phrases, gerund phrases, mused words go, went, like all, pronoun-antecedent agreement, correcting vague pronouns, and more.

The Teacher's Edition provides quick and easy "at a glance" instruction along with options for differentiated instruction, help with assessment and remediation, strategies for English language learners, oral language activities, and correlation information for easy and flexible planning. An annotated Student Edition is included within the Teacher's Edition.

This kit includes: 

  • Student Edition; 393 newsprint-like pages, indexed, softcover. Non-reproducible; consumable workbook. Grade 7. 
  • Teacher's Edition



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Title: Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student & Teacher Editions (Homeschool Bundle)
Format: Paperback
Vendor: Zaner-Bloser
Publication Date: 2012
Weight: 3 pounds 15 ounces
ISBN: 1453118810
ISBN-13: 9781453118818
Series: Zaner-Bloser GUM