Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student Edition

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Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student Edition

Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student Edition

The GUM ---"Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics" curriculum---will build your students' mastery of the conventions of standard English.

Short, two-page lessons with five easy steps (Read & Analyze, Practice, Apply, and Reinforce) provide self-guided instruction and practice in less than 15 minutes per day. Seventy-four lessons plus additional exercises, spelling activities, and proofreading exercises are included to provide full coverage of English and plenty of practice opportunities. This is a spiral curriculum that promotes skill retention and development as students revisit the same grammar, usage, and mechanics topics in greater complexity as they advance through the grades. 

Unit post-tests give students practice with test formats they'll encounter on a variety of assessments, such as nonfiction reading passages with text-dependent questions and selected response questions. Diagnostic unit pretests and unit reviews provide teachers with additional assessment options. 

The units in this grade 7 workbook cover: sentence structure, parts of speech, usage, and grammar. Students will learn about adverbial and adjectival prepositional phrases, complex and compound-complex sentences, participial phrases, gerund phrases, misused words go, went, like all, pronoun-antecedent agreement, correcting vague pronouns, and more.

393 newsprint-like pages, indexed, softcover. Non-reproducible; consumable workbook. Grade 7.


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Title: Zaner-Bloser GUM Grade 7: Student Edition
Format: Paperback
Vendor: Zaner-Bloser
Publication Date: 2012
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ISBN: 1453112111
ISBN-13: 9781453112113
Series: Zaner-Bloser GUM