Write Traits Grade 7 Classroom Set

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Write Traits Grade 7 Classroom Set

Includes the entire Program Kit and 25 Student Traitbooks for the entire class.

Write Traits includes everything needed to build a strong foundation in the traits of effective writing, support writing independence, and deliver flexible, effective instruction. Thirty core lessons focus on the Six Traits in the context of the writing process. 

The Six Traits:

  • Ideas - Unit 1 begins with ideas.
  • Organization - Unit 2 delivers instruction in how to organize, shape, and support ideas.
  • Voice - Unit 3 supports students in bringing a unique voice to their ideas.
  • Word Choice - Unit 4 focuses instruction on employing the most powerful language.
  • Sentence Fluency - Unit 5 emphasizes the importance of rhythm, flow, and "sound."
  • Conventions and Presentation - Each unit addresses conventions and presentation as they apply to the target trait.

Each Program Kit Includes:

  • A Teacher's Guide with step-by-step instruction, trait-specific lessons, detailed revision guidelines, and rubrics
  • A Student Traitbook with definitions, lessons, writing models, and activities.
  • Posters displaying the revision checklist, traits summary, and writing rubrics.
  • Write Traits rubric charts with at-a-glance reference to each of the traits in a sturdy, convenient format clearly displaying all six teacher rubrics for ease of use.
  • Six Traits Self Adhesive Note Pads for marking the traits and scoring student papers.
  • A Teacher's Resource CD-ROM that contains the Student Traitbook pages, sample papers, and rubrics. 
Write Traits Classroom Sets Grade 7
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