Words Their Way 2012: Emergent-Early Letter Name Student Book - 10 Pack

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Words Their Way 2012: Emergent-Early Letter Name Student Book

Words Their Way: Word Study in Action: Developmental Model 2012 - Emergent-Early Letter Name Student Book -10 pack

10 pack of stage-specific student books with ready made picture and/or word cards, a grid for students to sort and paste the picture/word cards, writing the sort activities, and an envelope for students to store the cards for the week.

Product Name: Emergent-Early Letter Name Student Book (10 PK)

Invoice Title: WTW12 WSIADM EELN STDNT BK (10PK)

ISBN-10: 1428431365

ISBN-13: 9781428431362

This title contains the following components:

Qty       ISBN-13      Component Title 
10       9781428431324       WTW12 WSIADM EELN STDNT BK (SNGL)
10       9780765267825       WORDS THEIR WAY NOTE ENVELOPE 2005C

The Emergent-Early Letter Name stage of literacy development is a period in which young children imitate and experiment with the forms and functions of print. Emergent and Early Letter Name readers are busy navigating their way to literacy, learning about directionality, the distinctive features of print, and how these correlate with oral language. The Emergent-Early Letter Name state lies at the beginning of a lifetime of learning about written language.

Types of Sorts in Emergent-Early Letter Name

  • Concept Sorts
  • Rhyming Sorts
  • Beginning Sounds
  • Letter Recognition
  • Ending Sounds
  • Digraphs

Placement Guidance

Grade Range: PreK- Mid 1st grade 
Guided Reading Range: Pre-A through C/D 
DRA Range: Pre-A through 4 
Corresponding Reading and Writing Stage: Emergent