Vocabulary for Achievement Grade 4 Teacher's Edition

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Vocabulary for Achievement Grade 4 Teacher's Edition

Vocabulary for Achievement Teacher's Edition - Grade 4

The Vocabulary for Achievement series from Great Source is designed to help students develop the vocabulary skills and strategies they need to read, understand, and write effectively and to perform well on standardized tests. Each of the 30 lessons per grade level includes a variety of activities that will expand students' vocabulary as well as develop higher-level thinking skills.

Carefully selected to help students with both their reading and writing skills, the vocabulary words found in Vocabulary for Achievement are:
  • Frequently used and grade-level appropriate;
  • Applicable across many subject areas including literature, social studies, and science;
  • Thematically organized around central concepts that students can connect with and expand on;
  • Easy-to-use tools for learning more sophisticated vocabulary concepts such as using context, dictionary and thesaurus skills, and parts of speech;
  • Helpful in facilitating higher-level thinking skills including solving analogies, making inferences about multiple meanings, idioms, and proverbs. 

Copyright 2001 & 2005

Author(s): Margaret Ann Richek

Grade: 4
Material Type: Teacher Materials
Format: Softcover, 160 Pages
ISBN-13/EAN: 9780669471304
ISBN-10: 0669471305
Product Code: 47130
National/State: National
Copyright Year: 2000