TikaTok Book Publishing Studio

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TikaTok Book Publishing Studio

TikaTok Book Publishing Studio


Everyone has a story - Help your children tell theirs!

Introducing TikaTok - an exciting online book publishing studio that will provide your children with an exciting opportunity to write and illustrate their own book in print or digital format. You can also share your child’s work with family and friends!

What is TikaTok? With the TikaTok online publishing tool, you can provide your child with an exciting opportunity to write and illustrate their very own book. TikaTok offers StorySpark project templates that including prompts, sentence starters, image galleries, and more. However, you can  personalize content so your child can upload their own photos and drawings to create their very own book online as well as pick from existing templates to do a structured writing assignment that integrates other subjects areas, such as a project-based independent journaling tool for reflective writing. TikaTok project templates are aligned to the Common Core and include blank templates as well as templates designed for literacy, science, social studies, math and art projects.

  • Easy - pre-loaded projects and classroom management tools make lesson planning fast and easy.
  • Creative - spark students’ imagination while developing their digital literacy skills.
  • Personal - students can upload their own photos and drawings.
  • Social - send finished projects to students' family and friends via e-mail.
  • Educational – projects span key curriculum areas and align to the Common Core.
  • Low cost – year-long access and unlimited student accounts.

The included parent/teacher guide will walk you through how to create TikaTok accounts for yourself and your children and how to use the TikaTok publishing studio as well as how to publish/purchase a digital or physical professional-quality hardcover or softcover copy of the books you and children create!  

Your TikaTok account includes:

• 1-year subscription to TikaTok
• Access to 90+ book templates
• Unlimited child accounts
• Ability to share digital books
• Print on demand feature

Does TikaTok offer free training resources to help me get started?

Yes. TikaTok has a training site loaded with free resources such as lesson plans, quick tips, and video tutorials to support you in using TikaTok with your students. 

NOTE: System Requirements: TikaTok is a cloud-based tool accessible through an internet browser. We recommend installing Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari 7+ browsers on your personal laptop or desktop.

Please Note: The Tikatok subscription is purchased from Classroom Resource Center only. Once the Tikatok subscription has been shipped all help and customer service is handled by TikaTok. Information below is provided to help you understand what the TikaTok program offers, however, information such as book publishing prices etc. may vary. This is a non-returnable item. 

Getting Started


What is TikaTok?

TikaTok is a digital publishing tool, offering Common Core aligned project templates that allow students to write, illustrate, and publish projects as professional-quality hardcover, softcover, and digital books.

How does a TikaTok subscription work?

Your Basic Subscription, includes:

  • * 1-year subscription to TikaTok.com
  • * Access to all StorySpark project templates
  • * Unlimited student accounts.

How can I create TikaTok accounts for my students?

To create a TikaTok account for a student, sign in to your TikaTok account, scroll down to the My Students section of your home page and click the Manage Accounts link. Choose the grade, name the class section, and create usernames and passwords for your students. Click Submit to create the accounts. Students can visit www.tikatok.com to sign into their accounts using the usernames and passwords you have assigned to them.

What is a TikaTok StorySpark project template?

A TikaTok StorySpark project template is a Common Core aligned project template including prompts, sentence starters, image galleries, and more.

Creating Books

I have set up my teacher account. How do I begin a TikaTok project?

Once you've received your subscription materials and access code, you can visit the tikatok website to access your account to login. Click on the StorySpark project template you want to create to begin writing. There is also always a start-from-scratch option with the “Blank” StorySpark.

Where can I get help using the book editor?

To access the Help area of the book editor, open one of the TikaTok StorySparks (including the “Blank” StorySpark.). From within the book editor, click the Help icon on the top right of the screen. This will provide you with information about navigating through the book editor.

How do I assign a project to my students?

To assign a StorySpark project template (including the “Blank” StorySpark.), use the search feature on your home page to narrow the field of projects, or browse the whole gallery. Click the project template you‘d like to assign. Select the class you‘d like to assign it to. Then click Assign. To unassign a template, click Unassign and click Save.

Where do I access the TikaTok projects my students started?

You will see the most recently created projects under the Class Library section of your TikaTok home page once you have signed in. To view the entire selection of your students‘ books, click the View All link in the Class Library section. To view the details and pages of a specific book, click the book‘s cover thumbnail image.

Can teachers leave online comments for students about their work?

Yes. On the My Students click the “Turn Comments On” button to turn this functionality on for your account. To leave a comment for a student, click the cover image of their book in the My Studio section of your account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and type your comment in the yellow Comments box. This comment will appear in the student’s account when he or she is reviewing the book. The student may leave a comment to you using the same steps. To turn off this feature, toggle the “Comments On” button to “Comments Off.”

Can I add an original illustration to a TikaTok project?

Yes. You and your students can upload original illustrations and photographs into your TikaTok project. To upload an original drawing, we recommend using a scanner or scanning app. You may also upload high-resolution digital photography. To get a good quality reproduction, use a resolution setting that will give you a file size of around 2–3 MB. For a letter-sized image, this should be around 150 or 200 dpi. Set the color setting to the highest number of colors. If possible, crop the page to capture just the image itself. Save your file in “jpeg” or “jpg” format. When you're done scanning, open your book in the book editor and click the Add Image icon, then follow the instructions to upload your file. You may want to gather all the images for a project to upload all at one time. You can also log in to a student account and pre-load images for that student.

How can I change the title of a TikaTok project?

To change the project title, open the project in the book editor. In the editor, scroll to the cover of the book, select the Title textbox, and type in the new text. Save the project, and the title page will automatically update.

How do I delete a TikaTok project from my account or my students‘ account?

From your TikaTok home page, click Class Library. Click on the thumbnail image of the book you‘d like to remove, then click “Edit” and select “Delete this book” from the drop-down menu. Be careful, because this removes the book from the system and cannot be undone.

Ordering Books 

What does it cost to publish a TikaTok project?

Pricing chart is offered for estimation only and is subject to change. This chart reflects pricing as of Feb. 2018. As stated above, books are printed by a separate entity and Classroom Resource Center cannot be held responsible for price and policy changes. TikaTok projects can be published in three formats. Digital downloads can be purchased for $2.97 each. These are high resolution PDF files that can be shared or printed. TikaTok projects can also be published and professionally printed as custom hardcover or softcover books. Please see the pricing chart below. (Prices are subject to change - this chart reflects pricing as of 6/2018)

FormatPage CountPrice
Hardcover 10 - 25 pages $17.47
Hardcover 26 - 40 pages $20.97
Hardcover 41+ pages $24.47
Softcover 10 - 25 pages $14.47
Softcover 26 - 40 pages $17.97
Softcover 41+ pages $21.47

How do I purchase a digital or printed TikaTok book?

You must be the teacher account holder or a parent, invited by the teacher, to publish a TikaTok book in hardcover, softcover or digital format. Students are not able to make purchases from their accounts. To purchase a TikaTok book, click the View All link in the Class Library section of your home page, and click the thumbnail image of the book you‘d like to purchase. Choose the number of hardcover or softcover copies you‘d like to purchase, or select Digital Book, and click “Add to Cart” to add the book to your shopping cart. The system will prompt you through the following steps.

Enter the author‘s name as you‘d like it to appear on the printed book, enter an author bio (optional), and upload an image of the author to be placed on the back cover (optional.) Click “Save and Continue.” If you‘d like the book to be printed with the author‘s TikaTok username only, click “Print with username only.” to advance to the next screen. Complete these steps for each book you‘d like to purchase.

Once all of the books have been added to your shopping cart, you can review the contents of your order at the tikatok website cart and select your shipping method. Be sure to review and approve the Print Previews of each book to see how each book will appear in print, as there can be slight changes in how the book appears in the book editor to how it appears in the final print file.

From here, you can follow the prompts to complete your purchase using subscription credits, a credit card, or a school Purchase Order (see details on how to place an order using a PO below.) Please note: For credit card purchases, a free account with PayPal is required.

Can a students‘ family member purchase a copy of his or her TikaTok book?

Yes, you can invite a students‘ parent to view his or her TikaTok project and publish a copy for themselves. To invite a parent to view a student‘s project, enter the parent‘s email address on the My Students area of the site. Once an email address has been entered, visit the My Studio tab and select the students‘ books you‘d like to share. Click the Send Invites button.

Parents will receive an email with a unique link to view their student‘s project. From there, they may view the work, download the digital ebook if one has been purchased, or order hardcover and softcover print copies.

TikaTok will not use parent email addresses for marketing purposes. A complete overview of TikaTok‘s privacy policy is available on the website.

Someone I know created a TikaTok project. How can I purchase a digital or printed copy?

Only the teacher account holder, or student‘s guardian, can purchase a digital or printed copy of a student‘s TikaTok project.

When I order a digital or printed TikaTok project, will it have the student‘s name on it?

For details on how to have a TikaTok book printed with the author‘s full name, please see “How do I purchase a digital or printed TikaTok book?”

I want to make changes to a digital TikaTok book, but I already downloaded it. How do I do this? Do I have to purchase a new one?

You can make updates to a TikaTok digital book at any time without purchasing a new one. To generate an updated version of a digital TikaTok book, go to the Class Library section of your home page and click the View All link. Click the thumbnail image of the book you‘d like to download. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the yellow Download button to generate the old PDF file. From there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Update link to refresh the PDF file and download an updated version.

What is the quality of a printed TikaTok book?

Hardcover TikaTok books are bound and laminated with a glossy cover, just like the hardcover picture books you‘d find at your local bookstore. The author‘s name, should you choose to include it, and the title of the book, will be printed on the spine. Illustrations are reproduced in full color on heavy, glossy paper.

Softcover TikaTok books are also bound and laminated with a glossy cover, and printed in the same size and on the same paper as the hardcover TikaTok books.

Digital TikaTok books are available instantly from your TikaTok account. These books are delivered as high resolution PDF files that can be saved to your computer and printed on your home or school printer. The quality of the printed pages will depend on the paper you use and the capabilities of your printer.

How long will it take to receive my printed TikaTok book?

Books take as few as 4 business days to print, bind, and dry from the day the order is placed. The final delivery time will depend on the shipping option that you choose. Please see the chart below for details:

  • * UPS Ground – 8–10 business days after the order date
  • * UPS 2nd Day Air – 6–8 business days after the order date
  • * UPS Overnight – 5 business days after the order date

Full detailed information on delivery times and shipping rates are published on the website shipping policy page.

Does TikaTok offer free training resources to help me get started?

Yes. TikaTok has a training site loaded with free resources such as lesson plans, quick tips, and video tutorials to support you in using TikaTok with your students.