The Complete Book of Time and Money

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The Complete Book of Time and Money

The Complete Book of Time and Money K - 3

Help your child tell time and count money with a skill-specific activity book for kindergarten to third grade.

The Complete Book of Time & Money for kindergarten to third grade focuses on these skills:

  • US currency
  • adding, subtracting, and comparing money
  • making change
  • time in minutes and hours 

This standards-based activity book for kids provides focused instruction to achieve skill mastery.

The Complete Book of Time & Money encourages learning and helps children build a solid foundation in telling time and counting money. Designed to keep their attention, the workbook features high-interest, kid-friendly activities, full-color illustrations, and detailed instructions.

Available for prekindergarten to sixth grade, The Complete Book series helps children build classroom confidence by providing practice in these essential skills:

  • geography
  • maps
  • handwriting
  • time
  • money
  • numbers
  • Spanish
  • arts and crafts
  • the alphabet

The Complete Book series entertains and engages children while they grasp important concepts and hone the skills for classroom success!


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Carson Dellosa Publishing/Ingram ISBN: 1483826910    EAN: 9781483826912