The Algebra Game: Conic Sections

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The Algebra Game: Conic Sections

The Algebra Game: Conic Sections

Collaborative Lessons to Strengthen Understanding

The Algebra Game: Conic Sections features an improved design and updated teaching instructions aligned to the current math standards.

Set includes a comprehensive teacher's guide featuring activities and games using the cards, discussion questions, and reproducible activities. Up to 12 students can work collaboratively to form a multitude of algebraic equations in each area of study.

By using all of the conic section decks together, students will learn conic equation characteristics for circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas. When each deck is used separately, players can study equation and graph characteristics - including foci, eccentricity, coordinate pair, and standard form notation - in greater depth.

Includes four decks (288 cards) and 80-page guide.

Didax- 211757

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