Science Fusion - Home School

New Energy for Science!

Science Fusion, the science program from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for grades K-8, is designed for today's learners. ScienceFusion homeschool science program offers robust lessons with extensive print and online content. Every day is an opportunity for students to ask questions, think critically, and make informed decisions. These skills are the foundation for success in science and in life.

No two students are alike, and each student learns in different ways - visual, kinesthetic, reading, or writing. With Science Fusion, every lesson is designed to be accessed in multiple ways, and you get a full curriculum of digital and print lessons that are complementary. Each lesson provides unique options so students can learn and apply new concepts and skills. K-8

ScienceFusion at home

  • Online curriculum encourages multi-modal learning
  • Write-in Worktext uses visual clues to help students progress through elements
  • Leveled labs connect hands-on learning to the text and digital content
 If you are looking for Science Fusion, school materials, click here.