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The goal of the NGSS is to prepare students to master the science of their time, equipping them for careers in STEM and engineering fields. HMH Science Dimensions’ three-dimensional learning approach arms students with the tools and habits of mind needed to apply scientific reasoning and solve STEM problems relevant to everyday life. 

 An interactive, collaborative approach sparks relevant learning. science-dimesions-book-tablet-collage1.jpg

HMH Field Trips: Where will your instruction take you? With HMH Field Trips powered by Google® Expeditions, the answer is virtually anywhere. As a proud Google Content Partner, we have developed 360 degree virtual field trips that allow students to travel through history, explore the world, and witness scientific wonders without ever leaving the classroom!

Teacher Experience: With new demands for science literacy in the workplace, teachers are preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators. HMH Science Dimensions’ built-in support and unique lesson structure enables students to learn through self-directed exploration, analysis, application, and explanation—just like scientists.

Optimized learning online: Ed: Your Friend in Learning, a new online learning system, offers easy program access and support to personalize the teaching and learning experience for every teacher and student. Professional Learning guides teachers every step of the way.  
Embedded support: Point-of-use videos featuring our dynamic authors offer instructional and lab demos to guide classroom practices and hands-on activities.


Grade Level Solutions: Designed to accommodate diverse teaching and learning approaches in today’s elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, HMH Science Dimensions meets every need with well-planned, integrated components.

Grades K–5: Single-grade elementary editions feature complete print and digital curricula, including write-in textbooks and Interactive Online Student and Teacher Editions with built-in professional development materials. 
Grades 6–8: At the middle school level, 12 topical modules (write-in texts plus full digital editions) covering Life, Earth & Space, Physical Science, and Engineering can be matched to a district’s curriculum.

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