Purposeful Design Science

Develop critical thinking skills in your students with age-appropriate, inquiry based, hands on science instruction integrated with a biblical worldview. Purposeful Design is a division of ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International.

Purposeful Design Science is an inquiry-based hands-on approach to science where lessons are designed to engage the student in:

  • Hands on learning activities
  • Developing critical thinking skills through scientific inquiry and investigation
  • Appropriately rigorous content
  • Learning the language and processes of science
  • Classroom activities that help to shape a biblical worldview in the mind and heart of each student.

PDP Elementary Science Textbooks

Purposeful Design Upper Level Science Series Upper Level Science Series:

Purposeful Design Publications'upper level science textbook series - Life Science , Earth and Space Science and the Physical Science - are in-depth studies into three specific areas of science and are appropriate for students in grades 6 through 9. These quality textbooks aid in establishing and growing a strong biblical worldview in students.