Opening The World Of Learning (OWL)

The Pre-K years are a time of promise, a time when young children's bodies and minds are growing at an incredible rate.  The pre-K years are a time for learning!  Amid the growing awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education, researchers and policymakers are underscoring how critical it is for children to be prepared for kindergarten.  With Scott Foresman Opening the World of Learning ™ (OWL) as your Pre-K curriculum, you can rest assured that your kiddos will be On The Way To K!

Before children begin the formal school process, they should be introduced to the learning process in some capacity. By providing Pre-K education, you are essentially teaching your future student how to learn. In fact, many regard Pre-K as a method of helping children succeed later in life.

The Opening the World of Learning (OWL) At Home curriculum offers your child a kick-start to education and is filled with tools that will help you design engaging lesson plans. 

Scott Foresman - Pearson Education