Science Fusion Grade K Equipment Kit

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equipment kit

ScienceFusion Grade Level Equipment Kit - Grade K

These kits provide the consumable and non-consumable materials you need to complete the Guided Inquiry Activities on the Inquiry Flipcharts at your grade level. Many of the components in this kit will support the Directed and Independent activities as well. Each kit contains enough materials for six groups.
Grade: kindergarten
Material Type: Resource Materials
Format: Kit
ISBN-13/EAN: 9780547478173
ISBN-10: 0547478178
Product Code: 1439007
National/State: National
Copyright Year: 2012 
ISBN/Material Number Title QTY
9780544370210 / 1597341 HMH SCIFUSN GR LV EQP KIT BX 2 GRK 1
9780544370074 / 1597343 ScienceFusion Grade Level Equipment Kit Box 1 Grade K 1
ISBN/Material Number Title QTY
9780544195912 / 1557741 LB4X6BL THERM TRNSFR LBL 4 X 6 2
9780544195936 / 1557753 HBAG15 BAG PLASTIC ZIP W/HANDLE 15 X 15 3
9780544195943 / 1557754 HBAG12 BAG PLASTIC ZIP W/HANDLE 12 X 12 2
9780544210370 / 1560903 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Paper Clips, Jumbo, Plastic Coated 40 Pack 1
9780544209800 / 1560971 76000 MTH MX CUST KIT PK LST G6 1
9780544242791 / 1564982 46482 LINKING CUBES SET/100 1
9780544243330 / 1565035 76499S BXDW24.81X19X13.68 1
9780544243477 / 1565049 9505X WOODEN CLR CUBES1"(SET/100)  
9780544520677 / 1606457 83557 BIN 66 QT CLEAR W/LID CLASP TOP 1
9780544520172 / 1606464 13121 CLAY, MODELING, 4 COLORS, 1 LB 3
9780544520189 / 1606465 83573 HMH COMBINED BRAND LABEL 1
9780544520288 / 1606474 25297-50 CUP, CLEAR PLASTIC 16 OZ 50/PK  
9780544520301 / 1606476 83579 JOURNAL HMH SCIENCE PK/10 3
9780544520370 / 1606482 52106 SEEDS, LIMA BEAN 16 OZ. 1
9780544520387 / 1606483 52085 TRAY, STYROFOAM 8 X 10 6
9780544520448 / 1606488 30289-50 PLATE,PAPER,9"(22.9CM),PK/50  
9780544520479 / 1606491 30466 YARN, RED, ACRYLIC, 3 OZ 1
9780544520516 / 1606495 52445 FIBERFILL, POLYESTER, 4 OZ 1
9780544522497 / 1606707 25135-50 BAG LUNCH SIZE PAPER PK/50  
9780544522572 / 1606715 30033 COTTON BALLS, PKG/300 1
9780544522640 / 1606722 5499 MARBLES, 5/8" (16MM), 50/BAG 1
9780544522657 / 1606723 39568-1 NAIL 2 INCH 6D 6
9780544522671 / 1606725 46287 PAN, FOIL 12-3/4X10-3/8X1-1/2 6
9780544522763 / 1606734 52110 CLOTH, WOOL 11.4 X 24 INCH 1
9780544522831 / 1606741 83376 THERMOMETER, IN/OUTDOOR, DUAL 1
9780544522879 / 1606745 25112 CAR, TOY 3" NON-PULL 6
9780544523449 / 1606802 83496 POUCH, VINYL, 9X11.5",ADHESIVE 1
9780544524439 / 1606901 18242 FASTENER,1/2 IN, BRASS,100/PKG  
9780544524620 / 1606920 30221 PAPER, TISSUE, ASST CLR, PK/20 1
9780544525474 / 1607005 75058 FEATHER, DOWNLIKE, APPROX 200 1
9780544526518 / 1607109 83567 COW BELL 2-3/4 6
1611184 52051 BALL, RUBBER 2-1/2" DIAMETER 6
1611194 30283 BLOCK PINE 3X1.5X1.5" PACK/6 1
1611209 83560 CAN METAL 500 ML W/O LID 6
1611232 30448 DOWEL, 8 X 1 INCH 6
1611238 10451 FLOWER POTS(3.5 SQ.- EACH) 6
1611243 77098 FULCRUM, WOOD 3 X 1.4 X .75 IN 6
1611261 83588 LID,53MM 2OZ JAR #29488, SCRW,PLST 6
1611268 83743 MARBLE BLUE 9/16 PKG/25 1
1611285 30260 NAILS, 9 CM 16 D, 1 LB (APPROX 45) 6
Science Fusion is a comprehensive print and digital curriculum solution that provides all the tools elementary teachers need to engage 21st century learners in exciting, inquiry-based learning at every point of instruction. The effective, research based program is easy to implement and fun to teach and for students to learn!
Science Fusion encourages students to fully engage with the fundamental steps of science: inquiring, thinking, predicting, analyzing, and applying. Students will think critically and use their reasoning skills as they learn new content, applying what they've learned to online content, activities, and labs.

To meet the needs of today's student, Science Fusion is designed for multi-modal learning and teaching. This means two very important things:

  1. Every lesson is designed to be accessed in print and digital environments.
  2. Learning strategies are specific to the learning experience.

No two students are alike, and each student learns in different ways - visual, kinesthetic, reading, or writing. With Science Fusion, every lesson is designed to be accessed in multiple ways, and you get a full curriculum of digital and print lessons that are complementary. Each lesson provides unique options so students can learn and apply new concepts and skills.

The Program is organized around 3 core parts:

  • a write in consumable student edition
  • a parallel, but unique digital curriculum
  • leveled hands-on activities in the Inquiry Flipcharts.

Core Curriculum Components:

Write-In Student Edition: The magazine-style interactive, write in Student Edition engages and connects students to inquiry, STEM, and 21st-century skills. Research has shown that today's students process information differently, and the Student Worktext is designed to reflect this. Rather than bombard students with page after page of text, the program uses visual cues to draw students through a progression of informative elements. This two-page spread, magazine-like format engages students in their lessons. This verbal/visual blend of images and engaging text promotes a student-centered approach to learning that integrates interesting sidebar tidbits, friendly fonts, and lots of short, interactive exercises that ask students to predict, explain, synthesize, define, and summarize elements of the text.

  • Lessons begin with Essential Question and Engage Your Brain activities
  • Active Reading, Visualize It, and Do The Math activities guide students through lessons and aid understanding
  • Lesson Review activities check comprehension, apply concepts, and promote critical thinking 

Student Interactive Digital Curriculum  Science Fusion's Student Interactive Digital Curriculum uses cutting edge research on online learning to deliver students a full elearning science curriculum, including digital lessons, virtual labs, Video-based projects, animations, simulations, and access to science eTextbooks. The Student Interactive Digital Curriculum is more than a supplemental companion e-book text, but rather provides a unique online lesson. The interactive digital curriculum is designed to be flexible, so that you can assign the most appropriate parts to your students. Lessons, virtual labs, simulations, animations, and videos can be assigned to individual students, demonstrated through a projector, or displayed on a digital whiteboard.

  • Digital Lessons
  • People in Science
  • Interactive Glossary
  • Unit Quizzes
  • Virtual Labs
  • Video-based projects, animations, simulations
  • Access to science eTextbooks

The Online Teacher Digital Management Center: Is designed to make it easier for you to access all of the program resources - teacher and student - to assist you in planning, teaching, assessing and tracking student progress. Video-centered, inquiry-based projects consist of a video, teacher support pages, and student activity workshops, with 1-2 included per module. Teacher lessons guide instructors through activities, questions, misconceptions, differentiated instruction, preparation, troubleshooting, expected results, learning goals, estimated times for each activity, and more. Unit planning pages offer review and instruction on integrating the print text, digital curriculum, and hands-on inquiry. Assessments can be given online or printed, and both formative and summative assessments are included.

  • Electronic Teacher Edition
  • ExamView Test Banks
  • Downloadable versions of all resources and assessments
  • Teacher support for digital lessons, Video-Based projects, and Virtual Labs
  • Functionality for scheduling and assigning work for students

Teacher features include: 

  • Program resources that can be easily previewed in PDF format and downloaded for editing.
  • The ability to assign and schedule resources online, which will appear in your students' inboxes.
  • Automatically scored quizzes and tests.
  • Student progress can be easily monitored and tracked.

Print Teacher Edition: Each lesson of the Teacher Edition has a wealth of teaching support, including activities, probing questions, misconception alerts, differentiated instruction, and vocabulary support.

  • Unit planning pages with print, hands on and digital options for every unit plus differentiated instruction options.
  • Lessons organized around a 5E lesson format.

Hands On Activities: Leveled Labs and activities provide students with a hands-on environment where they can learn in a multi-sensory interaction. Essential Questions connect what students learn in a hands-on setting to the content and skills learned in the write-in textbook and digital lessons. To help you match instruction to your child's needs, inquiry levels are provided for every lab of ScienceFusion. 

  • Inquiry Lessons include datasheets for convenient recording of observations and conclusions.
  • Every hands-on inquiry lesson has a virtual lab so that students can apply the skills they learn in both a hands-on and online setting
  • Laminated Inquiry Flip Charts deliver three levels of hands-on inquiry for every lesson and can be placed on a table for centers or small group areas so students can work as lab partners or in collaborative groups.

Assessment Guide - Directory to assessment in Science Fusion, including copy masters for Lesson Quizzes, Unit Tests, Standardized Test Preparation, and Performance Assessments; answers and explanation of answers; rubrics; a bubble-style answer sheet; and suggestions for assessing student progress using performance portfolio, and other forms of integrated assessment.

Grade Level Equipment Kits - Many of the materials needed to complete the Guided Inquiry activities in the program packaged together for ease of use. Replacement kits for consumable items available.

The Safety Kit - provides materials you need to address classroom safety while performing activities

Inquiry Tool Kit - Contains common material to help with the K-5 Guided Inquiry Activities. This low-cost solution can be shared between teachers and contains enough material for one set-up.

For Grades K-5: Curriculum includes materials for one year of science study. In addition to traditional science topics, each elementary level includes a unit on science and technology, progressing from science skills to understanding technology to the engineering process.

For Grades 6-8: We offer 11 modules, ten covering key life, earth, and physical science topics plus one on science and technology careers. These modules are not designed as full-year science curriculum; three or four modules can be completed in one year. Modules are appropriate for all middle grades, so you can choose whether to mix life, earth and physical science topics or focus on one. 

 Middle Grade Modules Include:

  • Cells and Heredity
  • The Diversity of Living Things
  • The Human Body
  • Ecology and Environment
  • The Dynamic Earth
  • Earth's Water and Atmosphere
  • Space Science
  • Matter and Energy
  • Sound and Light
  • Introduction to Science and Technology