Saxon Phonics Grade K Fluency Readers Set - Easy-

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Saxon Phonics Grade K Fluency Readers Set - Easy

Saxon Phonics Grade K Fluency Readers (15) - Set A, Easy

To view the Saxon Phonics and Spelling Program Overview Brochure, click here.

These full color, engaging readers provide additional reading practice for students to further develop reading fluency. The packaged sets follow the teaching flow of the corresponding grade level Saxon Phonics program scope and sequence. There are three levels available for each grade which are all sold separately - Easy (E), Average (A), and Challenge (C). Books include corresponding lesson numbers to show which lesson they can be used with or after. Books are 8 pgs, pb. The K sets contain 15 books. The Grade 1 and 2 sets contain 26 books. 

Easy, average, and challenging leveled Fluency Readers provide practice for all children - from the struggling student to the more advanced. By reading smoothly with high-frequency words, children gain confidence reading with expression and understanding. Easy, average, and challenging leveled readers follow the same themes to allow each child to read at his or her own level but still participate in group comprehension activities. Comprehension questions at the end of each story assess children's understanding. *Saxon Phonics and Spelling Classroom kits contain the average leveled fluency readers only. 

Difficulty levels are related to the amount of words, the length of sentences, and the amount of phonograms covered. For example: Grade 1, Book 8 E has one sentence with an average of five words per page. Book 8 A has 2-3 sentences with 15-20 words per page. Book 8 C has 4 sentences with 20-30 words per page. The concepts and words are conveniently posted on the back cover of each book. For example, in Grade 1, Book 8 (which is introduced in Lesson 50):

  • phonetic concepts: E (5); A (6); C (6)
  • high frequency words: E (4); A (10); C (9)
  • nondecodable words: E (3); A (7); C (8) 

These books are designed to be used with the Saxon Phonics program but are suitable and can certainly be used alone or as a supplement to any reading and phonics program.

To view Saxon Phonics and Spelling K-3 Scope and Sequence, click here.

To view Saxon Phonics and Spelling Research Highlights Brochure, click here.

To view Saxon Phonics and Spelling Research Pedagogy Matrix, click here.

To read about Saxon Phonics and Spelling Research Base and Program Efficacy Studies, click here.

  • Grade: Kindergarten
  • Material Type: Resource Materials
  • Format: Kit
  • ISBN-13/EAN: 9781591410829
  • ISBN-10: 1591410827
  • Product Code: 1263722
  • National/State: National
  • Copyright Year: 2003 


ISBN/Material Number Title QTY
9781565775121 / 1256313 P&S K FRA01 AN ANT 1
9781565775152 / 1256322 P&S K FRA02 LILL 1
9781565775183 / 1256332 P&S K FRA03 SAMS FAST FAN 1
9781565775213 / 1256340 P&S K FRA04 IS IT MILK? 1
9781565775244 / 1256349 P&S K FRA05 BUGS RUN 1
9781565775275 / 1256358 P&S K FRA06 IS IT A CAT? 1
9781565775305 / 1256368 P&S K FRA07 YES TO PUPS 1
9781565775336 / 1256377 P&S K FRA08 VANS 1
9781565775367 / 1256386 P&S K FRA09 A BOX AND SIX FLAGS 1
9781565775398 / 1256394 P&S K FRA10 SALS RED QUILT 1
9781565775428 / 1256403 P&S K FRA11 NICKS BLACK TRUCK 1
9781565775459 / 1256413 P&S K FRA12 FUN WITH THE PUPS 1
9781565775480 / 1256422 P&S K FRA13 A GOOD TIME AT THE ZOO 1
9781565775510 / 1256431 P&S K FRA14 AT THE FARM 1
9781565775541 / 1256440 P&S K FRA15 SUMMER FUN 1

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