Purposeful Design Science Level 1 Student Edition

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Purposeful Design Science Level 1 Student Edition

Purposeful Design Science Level 1 Student Edition

Explore God's World of mammals, fish, birds, and insects; discover movement, machines, matter and space. Study healthy living and learn about the heart, lungs, stomach, muscle, teeth and bones. Full-color, write-in pages show large photographs and highlighted key terms that showcase concepts and systems; students make their own booklets by answering questions and completing exercises that are integrated into the explanatory text. A review and a journal entry completes each chapter.
Four units (Life Science, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, and the Human Body) with thirteen chapters included. 202 perforated pages, softcover; this is a consumable, non-reproducible text. 2nd Edition. Level 1. Grade 1 
Elementary Series Student Editions Feature:
  • For Levels 1-3: consumable, full-color student books with a take-home booklet for each chapter
  • For Levels 4-6: full-color student hardcover textbook and softcover science notebook for hands-on application practice, and review

Purposeful Design Publications is a division of ACSI -Association of Christian Schools International. Their textbooks are developed by teachers for teachers to engage students and connect biblical thinking to real world living. They emphasize both the importance of skill development and concept understanding. They address the questions of what and why. What is being asked? What skills does the lesson require? Why is the answer correct? Students will acquire more than just memorized facts - they will learn to value subject matter content and apply daily lessons to life as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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This homeschool product specifically reflects a Christian worldview.
 Purposeful Design Science Grade 1: Student Edition
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