On Core Math - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - Grade 1 Student Assessment Guide

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On Core Mathematics Bundle - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Grade 1 info

On-Core Mathematics is a supplemental program that can be used in conjunction with any math curriculum to provide complete coverage of the Common Core State Standards in Math. The On Core Assessment Guide offers one page of assessment for each of the Common Core State Standards in the Student Edition workbook. Houghton Mifflin assessments complement the On Core Mathematics program. There is an assessment for every lesson in the student books. Each assessment is three to five questions in length (1 page), and includes both fill-in-the-bubble multiple choice questions and at least one word problem. Each assessment is labeled for the corresponding standard, and the answer key is found at the back of the book. The purchaser is given permission for copying if using On Core Mathematics as a program.

Step-by-step instruction and modeling helps students to understand the concepts presented, while progressively difficult practice exercises continue to build fluency. Problem-solving activities are also integrated into every lesson to help students synthesize and apply newly-learned concepts and skills.

This Grade 1 Student Workbook covers subtraction, addition, zero, using "think addition" to subtract, ways to make numbers to 20, counting by 10s, greater/less than, place value, 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional shapes, picture & bar graphs, measurement, and more. Problems are presented in a variety of ways, including through graphs, representations of unit blocks, pictures, and traditional problems. Each page has the CCSS and objective listed at the top of the page.  The On Core Student Edition Workbook provides two page lessons complete with powerful visual models for each Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. 200 perforated newsprint-like pages, softcover. 

The Teacher's Guide provides parents with an easy-to-use reference and grading guide. Each lesson includes the student text page numbers, common core state standard number, objective, "essential question," any new vocabulary words, materials needed, and prerequisites. An "About the Math" section provides a simple overview of the topic to be taught; "The Lesson" section is divided between an introduction, teaching, and practice with directions for writing on the board, activities, and modeling ideas. The bottom of the page features reduced-size student pages with the correct answers overlaid in pink ink.

ISBN-13: 9780547590509