MCP Plaid Phonics Word Study Level E Student Book Grade 5

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MCP Plaid Phonics Student Book Level E 9781428430969

For years Modern Curriculum Press Plaid Phonics has been trusted by teachers nationwide to provide effective phonics instruction. This trusted and proven program has helped more than 55 million children learn to read! Year after year, it continues to stand up to latest findings and validation studies as a standard in phonics instruction. The flexible, systematic and proven scope and sequence of Plaid Phonics provides children with the skills they need to master reading.

The 2011/2012 Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Level E student book contains the same comprehensive instruction as the 2003 version. The only difference is that cover artwork and internal photographs have been refreshed with updated graphics.

Literacy development transitions into grades 4, 5 and 6 from phonics to word study integrating comprehension, thinking and writing skills thru a solid and well-structured approach that is designed to meet  appropriate standards set forth for intermediate grade level students.

MCP Plaid Phonics Level E builds readers with an abundance of skill practice, review and fun activities that appeal to multi-sensory learners. 177 pages, softcover.

GRADE E - Plaid Phonics Level E, Grade 5 is the sixth book in the Plaid Phonics series. Written for intermediate grades, content will reinforce previous skills while introducing new ones. Goals include:

  • Fluent comprehension of written English.
  • Develop writing skills that support meaningful learning.
  • Mastery of phonics skills in reading and writing

Product Name: MCP Plaid Phonics Level E Student Book Grade 5

Publisher: Pearson Education - Modern Curriculum Press

Isbn-10: 1428430962

Isbn-13: 9781428430969

Modern Curriculum Press Plaid Phonics Teacher Guides, which are sold separately, facilitate easy lesson planning with an array of instruction and flexible teaching options. 

Modern Curriculum Press Phonics is an ideal choice that provides all the necessary ingredients to teach students to master phonics and become lifelong readers!