Math in Focus Grade 1 Reteach A

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Math in Focus Grade 1 Extra Practice A

Math in Focus: Singapore Math Reteach A (BLM)

Blackline Masters for Teachers to make copies of Extra Practice pages. Extra Practice provides extra practice to on-level students and are similar to the Practice exercises in the Student Books.

Math in Focus®: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish brings the world-class Singapore math curriculum to your K-8 classrooms. Math in Focus is an authentic Singapore Math® curriculum and is the model for the Common Core State Standards with point of use correlations.

Numbers and symbols can be confusing when you don't have a grasp of what they actually mean. Singapore Math teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences. With problem solving as the center of math learning this problem-based approach thoughtfully builds on a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression for greater depth of instruction and mastery of math concepts. Visualization strategies including model drawing allow students to master more complex problems. The program also uses powerful number bond models to enhance the instruction for mental math, number sense, and computation. The program provides extensive differentiated support to reach on level, advanced and struggling learners.

  • Concepts are introduced through hands on experiences with manipulatives.
  • Students visualize the concept and represent it pictorially through models like number boards and bar models.
  • Students only use abstract numbers and symbols when they have enough context to understand what they mean.

Grade 1-5 Components:

Wraparound Common Core Teachers Editions A and B: contain complete program support, including chapter overviews with math background, Common Core correlations and Standards for Mathematical Practice discussion questions, cross- curricular connections, differentiation resources, planning guide, assessment and remediation, common error alerts, best practices, checks for understanding and more!

Assessments: Diagnostic chapter pretests to help teachers plan instruction. Chapter tests in test-prep format provide formal assessment opportunities. Benchmark, Mid-Year, and End of Year Assessments provide further measures of student's mastery of concepts. There are a variety of question formats - multiple choice, short answer and extended response. 

Student Books and Workbooks: are designed to work together. The student books focus on learning, classroom teaching and discussion. The Workbook problems are assigned for individual work.

Differentiation Resources:

     Reteach: For Struggling Learners - provides more exposure to concepts for those students who need more time to master new skills or concepts.

     Extra Practice - For On-Level Students - pages correlate directly to the Workbook practices. Put on Your Thinking Cap! questions provide more practice on both non-routine and strategy based questions. 

     Enrichment: For Advanced Students - provides exercises for advanced students seeking challenge beyond exercises in student books.

School-to-home Connections: contains parent involvement letters in English and Spanish. These communications provide "do at home" activities aligned to the curriculum.

Transition Guide (Grades 2-5): provides a map to help transition students into the Math in Focus program. The classroom teacher can easily scan through the skills and concepts presented in prior years to identify background knowledge necessary for student success. 

Grade K Components:  differ slightly from those listed above as they include Big Books which are colorful, engaging illustrated books aligned to the student books, that are used in the core instruction for investigation, meaningful discussions and application of concepts. Kindergarten level also includes the additional components of Student Activity cards - which are card stock sets of domino cards, numeral cards, and more that allow students to easily manipulate pictorial and symbolic representation of quantity, shape and other attributes. A larger set of these cards is available for the teacher. The reteach differentiation resource or transition guide is not available at this level.

  • Grade: 1
  • Material Type: Teacher Materials, Resource Materials
  • Format: Printables(BLM), 192 Pages
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  • Copyright Year: 2015