Math in Focus Grade 1 Assessments Homeschool

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Math in Focus Grade 1 Assessments Homeschool

Math in Focus Grade 1 Assessments

Math in Focus®: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish brings the world-class Singapore math curriculum to your K-8 classroom. Math in Focus is an authentic Singapore Math® curriculum that combines the Singapore approach to math with a configuration that is easy to use and understand. Available for Kindergarten through 8th grade, Math in Focus is the United States edition of Singapore's most widely used program.

Numbers and symbols can be confusing when you don't have a grasp of what they actually mean. Singapore Math teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world, hands-on experiences - students understand the "how" and the "why" of the math they are learning. With problem solving as the center of math learning this problem-based approach thoughtfully builds on a concrete-to-pictorial-to-abstract progression for greater depth of instruction and mastery of math concepts. Visualization strategies including model drawing allow students to master more complex problems. The program also uses powerful number bond models to enhance the instruction for mental math, number sense, and computation. The program provides extensive differentiated support to reach on level, advanced and struggling learners.

  • Concepts are introduced through hands on experiences with manipulatives.
  • Students visualize the concept and represent it pictorially through models like number boards and bar models.
  • Students only use abstract numbers and symbols when they have enough context to understand what they mean.

Instructional Advantages:

  • Carefully paced instruction that focuses on teaching fewer math topics per year to a level of mastery
  • Consistent use of visual models and manipulatives that carefully bridge the concrete and the abstract - encouraging algebraic thinking, facilitating communication of math ideas, and solidifying learning
  • Instruction centered around problem solving using multiple models to help students visualize and understand math concepts
  • Ample practice for continuous ongoing assessment

 Grade K-5 Program Components:

Volume A is designed for the first half of the year, and Volume B is designed for the second half. Teachers's Editions contain complete program support, including Chapter Overviews with math background, cross curricular connections and a planning guide. Student Books allow for age-appropriate and mathematically sound practice, assessment, and development of problem-solving and thinking skills. Assessments, which are available separately, provide a clear picture of student progress. Virtual manipulatives, also available separately, provide an easy-to- use alternative to traditional manipulatives. Math in Focus is also compatible with the physical manipulatives that are available for other math programs.

For kindergarten, consumable Student Books Part 1 and Part 2 are provided instead of a Student Book and a Student workbook.

Homeschool Kit with Answer Key

Homeschool kits with Answer Keys include a Student Textbook, Student Workbook, and Answer Key with Assessments available separately. 

Homeschool Kit with Teacher's Edition 

These kits are designed for one semester and include a Student Textbook, Student Workbook and Teacher's Edition with Assessments available separately.

Student Packs

Student packs include Student Textbooks and Student Workbooks for both semesters as well as Assessments. (Due to the interactive nature of the Kindergarten program, Teacher Editions are included in the Kindergarten Student Packs.)