Maps Charts Graphs Level C 3rd Grade Communities

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9780813621340 Maps Charts Graphs Level C 3rd Grade
Maps Charts and Graphs Level C - Communities, helps 1st grade students develop skills with full color lessons and activities based on the theme: Communities. Students explore neighborhoods, communities, the United States, the world, and more with this engaging program that serves as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to your existing lessons.
Although map skills take precedence, this series incorporates the reading and interpretation of charts and graphs into each grade level book. These are colorful, well-illustrated books that are inviting to work in. Each grade level becomes more complex and in-depth with the number of lessons increasing from 21 in the grade one book to 42 in grade eight. Each grade has an overall "theme" which corresponds to the standard social studies focus for that grade while presenting map skills appropriate to that level. An answer key is included in each book.

The soft-cover Student Edition blends reading and writing skills with content area instruction; involves students in advanced thinking skills, such as drawing conclusions and using maps; and includes a full-color world atlas in levels D-H. Builds visual literacy and helps students communicate graphically.
Answers are located in the back of each book.

Product Name: Maps Charts Graphs Level C 3rd Grade
Publisher: Pearson Education - Modern Curriculum Press
Isbn-10: 0813621348

Isbn-13: 9780813621340