Houghton Mifflin Spelling & Vocabulary Grade 2 Test Generator CD-ROM

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Houghton Mifflin Spelling & Vocabulary Grade 1

Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary Test Generator CD-ROM, Grade 2

Test Generator CD-ROM lets you create customized tests from an item bank and offer printing and saving options to further customize tests.

Improve your students' skills and understanding through important principles and patterns. All students can increase word knowledge through the spelling-meaning connections and prepare for standardized tests with analogy practice and derivational roots. Houghton Mifflin Spelling and Vocabulary offers flexible planning options, differentiated instruction, an emphasis on vocabulary, and transfer to writing. Grade 1 student books are only available in non-consumable softcover formats.

Features Include:

  • Spelling and Phonics
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Spelling and Writing
  • Standardized Test Practice
  • Content Area Vocabulary
  • Ongoing Teacher Support

Program Components:

Student Books: incorporate instruction based on spelling principles and patterns, as well as phonics, the spelling-meaning connection, vocabulary expansion, writing, and test practice. Books also contain a Spelling Dictionary (Grades 1-6) and Thesaurus (Grades 2-6) adding value. Choose from consumable and non-consumable hard cover texts with ball and stick or continuous stroke styles (Grades 1-3) The two most popular methods for introducing letter formation in manuscript handwriting are the traditional "ball-and-stick" method and the "continuous stroke" method. 

  • The Ball-and-Stick Method - In the traditional "ball-and-stick" teaching method, children often lift their pencil and move it to a new position for the second stroke to complete the letter formation. As an example, the letter b is taught by drawing a vertical line followed by lifting the pencil to draw a circle. 
  • The Continuous Stroke Method - In contrast, the "continuous stroke" method allows the child to form a majority of letters without lifting the pencil. In this case, the b is taught by starting at the top line, creating a vertical stroke to the base line, and then moving up in a circular motion without lifting the pencil to complete the letter formation.

Test Generator CD-ROMs: let you create customized tests from an item bank and offer printing and saving options to further customize tests.

Overhead Transparencies and Blackline Masters: (organized in file folders) provide support through word lists, daily proofreading practice, graphic organizers, full color visual writing prompts and the spelling-meaning connection.

Teacher's Resource Blackline Masters: are full of spelling, vocabulary, proofreading, and test format practice. This book also offers leveled practice masters, games, models, bulletin board ideas, and home newsletters in English and Spanish.

Tests Blackline Masters: let you assess student progress through standardized-format tests(diagnostic, unit, review, cumulative, and proofreading), writing prompts, rubrics, and evaluation guides. Also, assess student's spelling level with a Prebook Test, a Qualitative Spelling Checklist, and a Qualitative Spelling Inventory. 

Teacher's Editions: include 3-day and 5-day plans, word lists, differentiated instruction, challenge activities, ELL support, level student practice, games test dictation sentences, and tests. 

Lesson Planner and Teacher's Resource CD-ROM: include daily lessons with support, practice, and scheduling flexibility,as well as printable program resources. 

English Language Support Booklets and Audio CDs: provide flexible support, differentiated instruction, and direct explicit instruction at each proficiency level for ELL.

Word Power: Daily Vocabulary Enrichment Books: provide content area vocabulary expansion and daily activities that can be conducted in centers, with partners, or independently. Also includes blackline masters.

Word Sort Cards: provide ready-made hands-on practice with basic spelling words, and review, challenge, high-frequency, and real-world vocabulary words.