D'Nealian Handwriting from A to Z: Lowercase Cursive Practice

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Dnealian Handwriting from A to Z lowercase cursive
D'Nealian Handwriting from A-Z: Lowercase Cursive Practice workbook provides extra handwriting practice for students. Students begin with a whole page of practice on the letters alone and progress to practicing the letter within words. Directions for forming letters and a convenient side-by-side manuscript vs. cursive comparison of words used help ensure students are writing correctly; the book contains room for students to trace and then write on their own lowercase cursive letters alone, in words and in sentences. Intuitively designed, students will master each letter in natural, progressive stages.
63 reproducible pages, softcover. 11 x 8.25 Recommended grades 2-4.
D'nealian Handwriting is known as the original continuous stroke handwriting program.  The D'nealian method aims to make the transition from manuscript to cursive easier by adding a slant to the manuscript print and more similarity in the letter strokes between manuscript and cursive, and with less flourishes in general. It is based on a few simple connecting strokes, or tails, that children then use to transition into cursive writing. Manuscript print letters are learned with tails and written at a slight slant, so the change to cursive is simple; all you need to do is connect the "tails". 
Product Name: D'Nealian Handwriting from A-Z: Lowercase Cursive Practice Grades 2-4
Publisher: Scott Foresman - Pearson Education 
ISBN 10: 0673592367
ISBN 13: 9780673592361