Core Skills: Test Preparation Grade 6

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Core Skills: Test Preparation Grade 6

Core Skills: Test Preparation for Grade Six - Reproducible

Raise test scores by lowering test anxiety!

Core Skills: Test Preparation provides students with an authentic test taking experience as well as refreshing basic skills, familiarizing students with test formats and directions, and teaching test taking strategies for standardized tests. 

  • Increases awareness of test-taking strategies including using time appropriately, avoiding wrong answers, building reasoning skills, and guessing wrongly.
  • Features test questions and models covering basic concepts in reading comprehension, language, listening, vocabulary, math, and problem solving.

The Core Skills Test Preparation series provides outstanding test preparation materials for reading comprehension, language, listening, vocabulary, and math - all in a single workbook. Core Skills Test Preparation prepares students for a variety of standardized test by providing

  • test-taking strategies for reading and math
  • targeted reading practice for specific objectives
  • mathematics problem-solving parctice
  • skills lessons for reading comprehension, language listening, vocabulary and math
  • practice tests to familiarize students with standardized test formats and directions

Core Skills Test Preparation includes clear instruction and ample practice, giving student the skills and strategies they need to succeed on standardized tests. Available for Grades 1-8, the Core Skills Test Preparation series helps students approach standardized tests with confidence.

Thirteen units cover reading comprehension (including determining word meanings, recognizing main ideas, perceiving relationships, and recognizing outcomes), reading vocabulary (matching words to pictures, recognizing compound words, and using ending to build new words), math problem solving and procedures (using whole numbers, working with with measurement, working with geometry, using geometry, using computation), listening (listening for word meanings) and language arts (prewriting, composing, editing, identifying misspelled words). Five practice tests are included for each main subject. 133 reproducible pages, softcover. Line-listed answer key included. Grade 1


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