AGS Pre-Algebra Teacher's Resource Library CD-ROM

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AGS Pre-Algebra

AGS Pre-Algebra Teacher's Resource Library on CD-ROM

Teacher's Resource Library on CD-ROM: offers hundreds of activities, the Student Workbook, a Self Study Guide for students who want to work at their own pace, two forms of chapter tests, plus midterm and final tests.

Help your student make a smooth transition from basic math to algebra with AGS Publishing: Pre-Algebra from Pearson Learning. Pre-Algebra is written for the needs of the beginning algebra student and can be used as early as 5th grade. In addition, since this high-interest, low readability text makes it easy for you to engage students who struggle with reading, language, or a learning disability it could also be used in Grades 9-12. 
Now you can provide the tools and the confidence to help your child reach new levels in mathematics and success in algebra. This high-interest text makes it easy to engage learners.  The content provides learners of all abilities with essential preparation in problem solving, calculator usage, and application lessons that demonstrate how algebra is integrated with data, probability, and statistics. 


Product Information

Format: Other
Vendor: Pearson Learning - AGS Publishing
Publication Date: 2004
ISBN-13: 9780785435594
Series: AGS